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A Free Clearance Management Platform for Volunteers Working with Kids in Pennsylvania

About Us


Smart Futures is a not-for-profit organization in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our mission is to help teens and young adults to “Get Real” – about who they are, where they are going and how to get there. Smart Futures vision is a Commonwealth where teens and young adults are making well-informed post-secondary education choices – choices that are aligned to their own interests, abilities and aptitudes, are affordable to their financial situation, and lead to sustainable and rewarding career paths. Smart Futures does this by offering educators in Pennsylvania innovative online career education programming.

Why CertififedSafePA.org?

With the passing of Pennsylvania Act 153, Smart Futures’ Board of Directors decided it needed to build a clearance management platform within its online career planning program called PA eMentoring. PA eMentoring uses working adults to help teens and young adults through the career planning process, including the selection of a post-secondary education choice upon graduation. Smart Futures is now happy to offer a similar platform to the public through CertifiedSafePA.org. By hosting this free and simple service to help volunteers acquire and maintain their clearance documents, we hope to increase the number of adults who are able to volunteer with children. In doing so, we will help increase the pool of volunteers who are eligible to participate as eMentors as well as with the hundreds of other volunteer opportunities and organizations across Pennsylvania.