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This Smart Futures Privacy Policy explains our policy regarding the privacy of information supplied by users of Smart Futures-related websites or collected by Smart Futures from such users. Smart Futures does NOT actively disclose information to third parties as part of the normal operation of the Smart Futures’ Websites. This Privacy Policy describes the information we collect about you and how this information is used.

As a user of a Smart Futures Web site, our web server automatically recognizes the Internet address (and specific domain) from which you are using the Smart Futures Web Site. We explicitly request certain information about you during the registration process. We do NOT collect social security numbers, home or personal addresses, or phone numbers of youths registering for the programs. The information we collect is logged and stored in our web server. Information collected is done so solely for the use of helping customize your career development experience and to help in tracking your work for a classroom teacher, if there is one. ONLY UPON YOUR REQUEST will Smart Futures share any information about you that is collected on our websites.

Smart Futures’Web Sites may use "cookies" to store information about users and allow access to pages within the Web Sites without their-entry of user ID's and passwords. Smart Futures does not intend to use cookies to invade the privacy of users of our Web Sites. Cookies may also track information about areas and/or pages of the Web Sites accessed by our users. Other than storage of such information, cookies from the Web Sites are not used for the purpose of accessing other information stored in your web browser and/or computer used to access the Smart Futures Web Site.

Smart Futures is a nonprofit corporation under Pennsylvania law and a tax-exempt charity governed by Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Keys2Work, PA eMentoring, and My Career Journey and other Smart Futureseducational programs are operated by Smart Futures for charitable and educational purposes. All youth under the age of 13 who participate in My Career Journey, and any other educational program of Smart Futures, are participating through a third party public, private, or charter school, or through a community-based training organization. Since Smart Futures is working only with third party public, private, or charter schools, or other community-based training organizations, Smart Futures presumes that the parent of a youth under age 13 has expressly given and authorized the limited collection of private information for educational purposes. Smart Futures generally does not work with youths or adults independently; however, if a youth desires to register with a Smart Futuresprogram independent of a third party educational organization, Smart Futures will independently accept parental permission through electronic mail, facsimile transmission, telephone (with follow-up written confirmation) or letter, prior to issuing a user identification number and password.

Smart Futures may also use information collected about our users for the purpose of demonstrating the reach and impact which we may provide onSmart Futures’Web Sites. Smart Futures may also provide certain elements of AGGREGATE information within our reporting and evaluation reports that demonstrate impact, improvement, or general activity. Smart Futures may receive compensation from funders, donors, clients, or advertisers for such information. Any aggregated information may also be published and distributed in one or more Smart Futures newsletters and may be posted on the Smart Futures Web Site.

The Smart Futures Privacy Policy only outlines the use and disclosure of information by Smart Futures. We do not, and cannot, control the privacy policies of other parties once the user opts to disclose information via our websites, such as Employers, Sponsors, Resource Providers, Training Organizations or Schools. We also do not and cannot control the use of such information by such parties.

Smart Futures uses certain standard efforts to authenticate users of the Web Sites; however; our authentication relies upon the degree to which user ID's and passwords are adequately protected. Smart Futures does not guarantee the absolute security of our Web Sites or the Smart Futuresdatabases due to the nature of the Internet. However, we may use firewalls, encryption and other security measures to increase the security of the Smart Futures Web Sites.

We encourage you to review this Policy from time to time, as it may be amended or updated by us at any time. If you have any questions about the Smart Futures Privacy Policy, contact us at info@smartfutures.org.

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